Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My $5 Wreath

     I was at WalMart the other day, looking through the holiday magazines for inspiration and found the idea for this wreath in Family Fun.  It really is one of my all time favorite magazines because they have such cute little creative crafts for all occasions.  So, I ran over to the Dollar Store and JoAnns and picked up a few things and went home to make my wreath.

     Now, I wish I could say it was a quick trip and I was quickly back home whipping this puppy out in a very efficient manner with the rest of the day to spare.  But, the truth is, Life happens.  Clothes need washing, food needs fixin, and at least 1 person in our house is going to need immediate assistance of some kind every single time I start to create something.  So, even though Im sure this little wreath should only take about an hour.....4 days later....I have my wreath.

Here is how I did it:

      I bought a wreath at the Dollar Store that had greenery all around it.  But I only needed the wire form underneath so I just snipped the greenery off and saved it for another craft.  Then I tied sandwhich bags (the plain fold-over-top kind, not the ziploc ones) all around it.  You just fold them in half and tie.  Super easy.  Unless you are trying to feed a cranky baby at the same time.  So....two days wreath was finally covered.

     I tied two sprigs of glittery leaves on with fishing line since I wasnt sure whether or not the hot glue of my trusty glue gun would melt my lovely creation.  I figured that if it blisters my skin, Dollar Store baggies didnt stand a chance.  I was happy with the way the fishing line worked so I added a bird and some ornaments and, yes, 4 days masterpiece was finally finished.

And, the best part...It was so cheap to make.  The wreath form and the sandwich bags were from the Dollar Store.  The ornaments came in a box of 27 at JoAnns and were 1/2 off of 4.99.  The bird was 1/2 off of .99 and the two sprigs of leaves were 1/2 off of .69 each.  So, I guess it is actually the $5.69 plus tax wreath.  But, still pretty cheap.