Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fresh Fruit Tart

Saturday was my oldest daughter's birthday.  I offered to make her any kind of cake she wanted.  She didnt want cake....she wanted a fruit tart.  Good thing we live in California,  where you can get just about any kind of fruit,  anytime of year. 

I used this recipe from Paula Deen, and let me tell you, it was perfect!  The crust is so buttery...more like a shortbread cookie than a pie crust.  It was the perfect compliment to the slightly sweet, and very rich and creamy, cheesecake filling.

I actually made two.  One to share with our guests and one for the Birthday Girl to do with as she pleased.  Lets just say we may,  or may not, have a problem with our love of sweets and I wanted to be prepared for anything!  And,  by anything, I mean my oldest daughter and I splitting the entire second tart.  Which may, or may not, have actually happened.  I am a lady...I will never tell.

I only had one tart pan so I baked the second crust in a pie plate and it turned out just fine.  I didnt use the exact fruit the recipe calls for.  I changed it up a bit, according to what my daughter likes and what looked fresh at the store that day.

The best part of these tarts was the glaze that tops the fruit.  I cant describe it well enough to make you understand how delicious it was.  The tartness of the glaze brought the whole experience to another level.  Thank you, Paula Deen, for sharing this greatness with us.(Im pretty sure she is reading this)