Saturday, January 15, 2011

Luxurious Baby Washcloths

I wanted to make a few more gifts for my cousin's shower,  in addition to the fancy wipe cover and her cake (I plan on doing a post about the cake next week).  When I saw these super soft washcloths, I knew they would be perfect. 

Kara, at Creations By Kara, has a great tutorial for the washcloths.  I just cant believe I had never thought to make a washcloth out of softer fabric.  It makes so much sense!  Washcloths are never soft enough for my skin, let alone a newborn.  And the baby washcloths you buy in the stores are so thin and flimsy.  These are so thick and soft, perfect for a new baby.  Or for yourself.  I have 4 daughters so Im going to be making LOTS of them. 

They were so easy to make.  They were also my first real sewing project.  I was kinda nervous because I had not used my sewing machine yet.  It was a gift for my birthday and I wanted to take a sewing class at JoAnns before I tried to make anything.  But Kara made it look so easy that I actually made them first. ( I did take the class this past Wednesday, by the way,  and it was great!)  Check out her tutorial for the easy instructions.

I just love the softness of them and I cant wait to make more for my girls .  A big THANK YOU to Kara for such a great idea and for making it so simple.