Thursday, January 20, 2011

Love Rocks

I was really in the mood to make  Valentine crafts but I didnt have the time, or spare cash, to run out and buy anything.  So, I started digging through the craft stuff and found some clear glass rocks and red paint.  Now, I know that these marble thingys are not actually called glass rocks.  But I wanted to call them rocks because I needed a cute name for this post and "Love Marbles" did not sound nearly as cute as "Love Rocks".  So, for this post,  at least,  rocks they are.

I put little red blobs of paint on the back (flat side) of  18 of the rocks and let them dry.

I gave a 5x7 picture frame a coat of the same red paint and let it dry, too.  Then I arranged the rocks in a heart shape and, one by one, glued them to a piece of white card stock and put it in the frame. 
Not bad for a free craft.  I mean, sure, I did buy the frame at the Dollar Store, like, 5 years ago and I also got the rocks there, but, since I had them on hand, I didnt spend any money to make this 3D beauty.  Stay tuned to see the project Im working on to use the glass that I left out of this frame.