Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Candy Ornaments

I picked up this cute little candy pick at JoAnns a few weeks ago at a lovely 60% off, making it .39.   My kinda price!  So, I bought 2.  I thought they were cute but I didnt want to use them the way they were.  I wanted to do something different with them.

I wanted them to be individual candy ornaments for my little white tree in my kitchen.  I like to put all things sweet on the kitchen tree(cupcakes, candy, etc.)so I thought these would make cute ornaments.  I just cut them apart with wire cutters.  Or you can gently wiggle the wires out of the candies.  And that leaves the perfect little hole to put a lollipop stick in.  Wrap them up in cellophane, add a ribbon and your done.  Too sweet.  The larger candy on the top is just wrapped in cellophane, sans stick.  I thought it looked better that way.  But there are no rules here.  Stick it, if you want to.  I wont judge.

They looked pretty cute on the tree and you just cant beat the price.  They would make cute little present toppers, too. 

I bought 2 sets of the picks so I wanted to do something different with the second set.  So, I coated them with Mod Podge and then rolled them in Epsom Salt.  It gave them such a pretty, sugared look. 
Wrap them or leave them naked.  They are beautiful, either way.  And the grand total is .13 each.  Sweet.  


  1. Oh those are adorable....need to find me some of them....

  2. Somehow I missed these before. I'm glad I was browsing through your old posts! They're beautiful :)