Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Berry Easy Tree

This cute little tree is another project that is super cheap and easy.  I made it this weekend after falling in love with the one Nicolette made at momnivore's dilemma.  It took me a little longer than I thought it would, but I love the way it turned out. 

Nicolette made this beautiful silver and white tree that inspired me to make my own red version.

I didnt have the cool trees that Nicolette used so I ran down to JoAnns and grabbed a standard styrofoam cone(2.49)  I also picked up 6 bunches of large red berries(on sale for .39), 4 bunches of small red berries(on sale for .27), and 4 bunches of small white berries(also .27), and a white star for the top(on sale for .39).

Nicolette used hot glue , but since I was using styrofoam and was running low on glue sticks, I just snipped the berries off the stem with their wire still attached and stuck them in.

I started out with a nice, neat little pattern in mind.  Somewhere around my fourth cup of coffee, I got very lost  and just started slapping them on. But that is part of the beauty of this project.  It still came out great!

You can see some of the styrofoam in between the berries but I thought that since I was using red and white berries, the white of the styrofoam just kinda matched.

Thanks to Nicolette for the inspiration...check out momnivore's dilemma...lots of great ideas.


  1. Those are really pretty. I think I am going to try doing this with my girls

  2. I loved your blog, and your tips for Christmas!!

  3. This is so great! I like both your red verions and your inspiration silver one. Great blog!

  4. I love your little tree. Looks like it would be fun to make too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. These are great! My sister made a very very similar one just recently. I'd love if you checked out my post with hers and other kinds of mini trees (I want to make one, just can't decide what kind yet!)

  6. Beautifully done! Love the slight variations in red shades of the berries, the trees look great.

  7. Love your little tree. I made one also using styrofoam cones and hot glue. Thanks for sharing on someday crafts.

  8. Tammy-

    So glad the link worked this time...the red looks stunning!


  9. Ooh! I love the red. And I love that you improvised by just sticking the berries in with the existing wire. I've seen a lot of projects with the cones out there lately. This is one I'd want to do.

  10. Great tree. Looks fab, so neat that you took an idea and improved upon the method. Like sticking in the wire and your thrifty purchases. Ginger

  11. Very cute also... :)

    Tnx for linking up your creations! :)

  12. I love these!

    Come enter for a chance to win a pair of free sandals!

  13. This red version is stunning! Thanks for linking this up, Tammy!